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Mecanum Wheel Set

Mecanum Wheel Set

The Mecanum Wheel Set is suitable for 4-wheeled robots. Through independent driving of each wheel, the robot can move in any direction without changing the installation angle of the wheels. The rollers installed on the wheels are fixed at a 45-degree angle, ensuring stability while maintaining precise contact with the terrain for maneuvering.

  • Specifications

    1. Number of wheels: 4 (2 left, 2 right)
    2. Body material: aluminium alloy
    3. Roller material: polyurethane
    4. Roller bearing: ball bearing
    5. Net weight: 400 g x 4 (100 mm), 500 g x 4 (127 mm), 600 g x 4 (152 mm)
    6. Load capacity: 15 kg/single, 45 kg/set
  • Returns & Exchanges

    1. According to the Consumer Protection Act, ReMiSYS Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with a seven-day cooling-off period upon receipt of the goods. Please note that this period is not a trial period. You have the right to return or exchange the product, and there is no need to bear additional costs for the return or exchange shipping fees.
    2. Minor issues such as slight detachment of cables, minimal stains on the device, a 2-3 cm deviation in device size, or slight color differences fall within the acceptable range according to international inspection standards and are not considered defects.
    3. To protect consumer rights, once the purchased product is activated or powered on, components such as batteries, motors, sensors, and related accessories cannot be fully restored to their original condition. Except for new product malfunctions, once the product is unsealed and used, a buyer-seller relationship is established, and returns must be handled according to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code regarding defects in goods, rather than being unconditionally accepted.
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