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VMX Robotics Controller

The fusion of open programming and cutting-edge sensing technology unleashes boundless possibilities.

Far richer development environments and tools​.
Powerful software functions and cutting-edge sensors.


Master programming and control theory, going beyond assembly, to become a true robotics expert.

Three distinct categories of robots convene simultaneously.
Systematic learning robot excels from basic to advanced tasks.

SJCube Inverted Pendulum

Take the research lab by storm and make mechatronics teaching easy.

Highly adaptable laboratory setups catering to multiple controllers​.
Exceptional experience in teaching mechatronics and control programs.

V3 Mecanum Wheel Competition Training Bot

An advanced, versatile training bot for mobile robotics competitions.

This highly integrated mobile robot effortlessly controls movement with a single button.
​An exceptional rotary single axis stages offering fast and precise movement in three axes.

myRIOmini Omni-Directional Teaching Robot

An excellent robot for teaching laboratory courses with comprehensive control functions.

PID control for DC motors enables a comprehensive range of motion control.
Sophisticated visual control for automatic obstacle avoidance and precise image capture.

myRIOmini short video.gif
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